0231.129.031 1968-69 912

The 1968-69 Porsche 912 Ignition Distributor

The Bosch 0231.129.031, used in the Porsche 1968 and 1969 912 models. This is a four-cylinder distributor and is a points and condenser distributor. This distributor has an aluminum body.


The 0231.129.031 ignition distributor, front and back view.
The Aluminium bodied 0213.129.031 Distributor

The 0231.129.031 is a direct replacement for the cast iron distributors that came before it. The advance is the same with 15-16 degrees total distributor advance, which is 30 to 32 degrees engine advance. Set the distributor to 5° before top dead center at 900-rpm. And the total advance should be 32° to 35° at 4500-rpm.

Rebuilding the 0231.129.031 Distibutor

This is the first aluminum-bodied distributor and it meant a change in the rebuild process. With all of the parts removed the case is polished instead of painted. The spring and weight package is very different than the cast iron distributors and is not interchangeable. It is easy to recognize this distributor because it is 4-cylinder, silver, and does not have a vacuum module.

Porsche Cross-reference Number

The Bosch number is 0231.129.031. The number is stamped into the side of the distributor along with a direction arrow. The Porsche cross-reference number is 616.602.201.06.

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