0231.115.061 1968-69 912

The 4-cylinder 1968-69 Porsche 912 Aluminium Distributor

The Bosch 0231.115.061 ignition distributor is used in the Porsche 912 model 912. It uses Vacuum in conjunction with a mechanical advance curve to create a good advance curve that always comes back to idle.


A Used 0231.115.061 Distributor
A used 0231.115.061 Distributor
A rebuilt 0231.115.061 Distributor
A Rebuilt 0231.115.061 Distributor

The Advantages of Vacuum Advance

The 0231.115.061 has got a bad reputation as a distributor. This is because the vacuum advanced distributor is associated with the smog controls. Used on the 1968-69 Porsche 912, the smog controls pump air to get a better burn, and therefore cleaner at the tailpipe. The smog pump can take up to 8 horse-power from the engine and that is a lot in a 100 or so Horse-power engine.

The advantages of using a vacuum module for the ignition curve is faster acceleration and a better return to idle. The vacuum signal comes from the spacers under the carburetors. You may have seen metal spacers with a small 1/8th” pipe coming from the side. We have seen many 912’s with incorrect distributors. Maybe it is because of the age of the 912’s. Or the fact they used to be a reasonable price, but whatever the cause many 912’s end up with the incorrect distributor.

Rebulding the 0231.115.061

There are not any major issues when you rebuild a 0231.115.061 distributor. The aluminum body needs a good clean and polish once all the parts have been removed. The normal problems from using incorrect parts like springs can occur and if you have a broken vacuum module, there are no new ones available at the time of writing this report. Your only choice is to find a functional used module, and that may mean buying a complete used distributor.

Porsche Cross Reference Number

The Bosch number 0231.115.061 is stamped into the case on this distributor. Porsche used 616.602.203.X and 616.602.203.00 for their number. The value of the 912 has grown alongside the growing values of the 911, so being original adds to your value. Find the correct distributor if you are running with the wrong one.

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