How to Set Cylinder Head Studs in your Air-Cooled Porsche Engine.

Different types of cylinder head studs

We have already covered the history and changes to the 911 Cylinder Head Stud. You can read all about the 911 head stud. Today we are going to show you the way we set the studs in our 1969 911T Magnesium case build. Setting Cylinder Head Stud Height The cylinder head studs need to be […]

Show some Love to your Marelli Ignition Distributor

Marelli S112AX S112BX ignition distibutor used in Porsche air-cooled motors

Today we are going to rebuild a Marelli Ignition Distributor. The Marelli distributor is used in Porsche 911T carbureted engines from 1969 to 1971. There are two Marelli part numbers, S112AX and S112BX. The AX is used in non-CDI cars and can be recognized by the condenser. The BX is used in CDI-powered cars and […]

How to fit a Front Pulley on Your Air-Cooled Porsche Engine

In our last tutorials, we tested and refit the oil thermostat, and fit the case chain guides. If you missed that, check here. In this lesson, we look at one way to install your front pulley. The front pulley connects to the crankshaft and can be called a crank pulley as well. There is a […]

Timing Chain Guides. How to install into your Air-Cooled Porsche Engine

Timing Chain Guides in an air-cooled Porsche engine

Timing chain guides are one of those parts that has gone through a lot of updates. If you put an early guide next to one you can buy today, you would be surprised by the amount of changes. Black and Brown Timing Chain Guides There are two types of timing chain guides. A black one […]

Porsche Air-Cooled Oil Thermostat. What You Need To Know.

Testing and installing an Oil Thermostat

Before you install your oil thermostat, you should find out if it works correctly. An Oil Thermostat is an integral part of your Porsche air-cooled engine. Without proper oil flow, your engine will not be “air-cooled”, more like oil burnt. Testing your Oil Thermostat If you take a look inside, you can see a number […]