Oil Breather Plate. How to Rebuild Your Air-Cooled Porsche Engine.

Porsche Air-Cooled Engine Oil Breather plate

As we keep moving around the magnesium case, we are ready to re-install the oil breather plate. This cover is prone to warping over time, heat cycling, and overtightening. As well, the case machine work often leads to this part not fitting any more. We have a solution to all these problems! You will have […]

Sump and Strainer Plate. How to Rebuild Your Air-Cooled Porsche.

Installing a sump plate

On this lesson we cover the sump and strainer plate. Even though the case has been closed and honed, the sump plate should have enough wiggle room to still fit. Sump on a Magnesium engine case On this 1969 911T engine, we are working with a magnesium engine case. Check out, Saving your Mag Case, […]

Replacing A Fuel Filter In A 2007 BMW 328Xi

Changing the fuel filter in a BMW 328xi

Replacing the fuel filter in a BMW 328X1 is a smelly job if you still have fuel in the tank! The filter is not in a fuel line, or in the engine bay, but part of the tank sending unit. The assembly covers the fuel tank level, fuel filter, and fuel pressure regulator. Disconnect your […]

Floats To Engine Ready. How To Assemble Your Weber Carburetor, Part 3

Setting the float height on a Weber 40IDA IDTP IDS Carburetor

Finishing the Weber 40 IDTP Carburetor Assembly In our last lesson, we left you at the accelerator pump circuit and all of your jetting installed. In this lesson, we go from floats to engine ready. We set the floats with math, you can check them later with the fuel level tool. For us, we have […]

Oil Pressure and Safety Valves. How to Rebuild your Air-Cooled Porsche Engine.

Oil pressure and safety valves

Now that we have closed the case, let’s put in all the case parts. Starting with your oil pressure and safety valves. We have a Technical Service Bulletin on the valves and the history of the changes here. Installing the Oil Pressure and Safety Valves. Porsche made many updates to the oil pressure and safety […]

How to Set My Tire Air Pressure

Is tire air pressure affected by cold weather driving

I have lots of questions about the air pressure in my tires. What is the perfect tire air pressure? Do I fill my tires when they are hot or cold? Winter/Summer tire air pressure? Will lowering the tire air pressure help when driving on snow? What is low tire pressure, and does it really matter […]