How to Assemble Your Weber Carburetor. Part 2, All About the Accelerator Pump.

Weber triple barrel carburetor Accelerator pump circuit

Rebuilding your Weber 40 IDTP Carburetor. The accelerator pump circuit is a huge part of how your Weber Carburetor performs. Setting up the linkages correctly will mean smooth acceleration. We go over the updated parts you can use. In this lesson, we cover the accelerator pump. This will lead us to the setup and drilling […]

Closing the Case! How to Rebuild your Air-Cooled Porsche Engine.

Closing the case

Closing the engine case on your air-cooled build Everything is in place, from crank, bearings, to oil pump and intermediate shaft. Now you are ready for closing the case. Don’t be stressed, just get everything you need set out before you start, turn off your phone and do the job. Watch this video lesson from […]

How To Assemble Your Weber Carburetor. Part 1, Gallery Plugs To Throttle Plates.

Rebuilding a weber 40 IDTP

Rebuilding a Weber 40 IDTP three-barrel carburetor. In our last lesson, we completely cleaned out the carburetor and sent it out for coloration. Now that this set is back, we can start with more cleaning! Cleaning really is the most important part of any carburetor restoration. Get ready for gallery plugs to throttle plates! Before […]

The Most Important Part, Cleaning Your Weber Three-Barrel Carburetor.

Cleaning the carburetors is the biggest part of the job

The most important part of your Weber Carburetor rebuild is cleaning. But what is the most important part of the cleaning? It is cleaning out the fuel passageways, or galleries. Surface cleaning is great but opening up and chasing down the galleries is essential. In this lesson we cover the longest and most important job […]