Porsche Air-Cooled Cylinders. How to Inspect and Measure.

Measuring your air-cooled cylinders

Cylinder visual inspection. The first part of the air-cooled cylinders inspection process is to perform a visual inspection. If the cylinder is showing obvious signs of scoring or in the case of a Nikasil cylinder if any of the coating is coming off, then it would be either discarded or set aside for machining/reconditioning. Measuring […]

Porsche Air-Cooled Pistons. How to Inspect and Measure

How to measure the piston

Piston designs in magnesium case engines In this lesson, we are measuring the pistons, but the magnesium case engines use several different designs of pistons and cylinders. The early 2.0L engines use either a Cast Iron or Biral cylinder. The Biral cylinders have a Cast iron insert with Aluminum fins on the outside of the […]

Porsche Air-Cooled Connecting Rods & Crankshaft. How to Inspect and Measure.

Inspecting the Con-rods and Crankshaft during disassembly

How to inspect and measure these crucial parts of your Air-Cooled Porsche Engine As you take your Porsche Air-Cooled engine apart, you are always looking for obvious signs of damage. Start inspecting your connecting rods and crankshaft as you disassemble the engine. Some damage is very easy to see, you can’t’ miss big broken engine […]

Engine Case to Crankshaft. How to Rebuild your Air-Cooled Porsche Engine.

Engine case to crankshaft

Preparing your magnesium engine case for re-assembly In our last lessons, we talked about the machine work on your engine case. All thread repair anywhere on the case should have been completed by now. But don’t worry about cleaning right now. It is going to be messy as you de-burr your engine case. So read […]

Bringing your Porsche Magnesium Engine Case Back to life.

Porsche Magnesium engine case

Must do machine work for your Magnesium Crankcase Magnesium Crankcase line bore In the factory shop manual Porsche says to line bore the crankcase to correct for any misalignment. To line-bore a case, the two halves of the case are bolted together and torqued. A fixture is attached to the front of the case and […]