The Aircooled Porsche 911 Cam Box. How to Inspect and Restore.

Porsche Cam Box Restoration

Porsche Cam Boxes The cam box for air-cooled Porsche is a cast and machined part. Its job is to hold the camshafts and let the lobes of the cam act on the rockers to open and close the valves. When you are restoring a cam box you must first clean and measure to see if […]

How to Rebuild a 911 Cylinder Head. Lesson 8, Reassembly

Bottom view of Porsche air-cooled motor

Lesson 8 You have made it to the last lesson on the 911 Air-Cooled Cylinder Head, reassembly. As we built these lessons we showed you all of the processes involved. Often we tried to show you how to work with the old components and bring them back to life, or at the least test them. […]

How to Rebuild a 911 Cylinder Head. Lesson 7, Resurfacing.

A sprinning head in the lathe

Welcome to lesson seven in this eight-part series. In this lesson on resurfacing, we show you one of the last steps before the heads are re-assembled. We show a 2-liter head and a 2.7-liter head in this lesson, as they have different sealing surfaces. Resurfacing the Head Gasket Sealing Surface Re-surfacing the head gasket sealing […]