How to Rebuild a 911 Cylinder Head. Lesson 6, Replacing Valve Seats

Old seats removed from the cylinder head

When to replace your valve seats. A valve seat can only be cut so many times before they are too deep into the head. The valve will be in the wrong spot for the valvetrain when the seats have worn out. A 911 cylinder head is made of aluminum. This is a soft metal and […]

How to Restore a Solex P40-I Carburetor

Unrestored set of Solex P40-I Carburetors

The Solex P40-I Spill Tube Carburetor The Solex P40-I is the first carburetor on the Porsche 911. The six-cylinder Porsche 911 was first offered with this carburetor in 1964. The Solex is a factory fit for 1964, 1965, and 1966 model 911s. But in 1967 the Weber IDA carburetor is a factory fit. For many […]

How to Rebuild a 911 Cylinder Head. Lesson 5, Cutting Valve Seats

Cutting Valve Seats

We show you how to cut the three-angled seat in your cylinder head. The work that you did to the valves in lesson 2 comes into play in this lesson. By cutting the valve seat, we will match the valve face and create a good seal between the two. A good seal is essential for […]