The Difference between Ignition Systems

Different Porsche ignition componants layed out

Single coil, coil over, DIS or CDI are all types of ignition systems that can be used on your Porsche. What is the difference between them and why would you use one over the other. In this week’s article I look at the difference between each system and its pros and cons. Single coil Ignition […]

Race Cars versus Street Cars

Race Car Toy Martini Style

Porsche has a deep history with racing and race cars. They were able to develop a large range of vehicles based on their racing experience and has been producing race cars since the 1950’s. Many of these cars were made available to the public, or at least those that can afford them. However, is it […]

The 911 Timing Chain Tensioner, it’s history and future.

Timing Chain Tensioners

The journey of the 911’s chain tensioner spans 20 years of development. With the 911 engine being an overhead chain driven camshaft design the need for a reliable tensioner was paramount. However, it did not quite work out the way Porsche had hoped. The First Design The first design of the timing chain tensioner was […]