Oil By-Pass Modification. Do I need to do it?

An Engine case open and showing ther Oil By Pass Modification

Oil By Pass Modification The oil bypass modification has been around since 1975. However, it seems that it is still misunderstood in how it needs to be applied. So, for this week’s article, I thought I would cover this common modification along with some of the other oil systems changes. The Oil By-Pass System The […]

The Automotive Oscilloscope

Look in the back of the auto shop, you might see an old oscilliscope

When I started working on cars in the 1980’s there was always an Oscilloscope in the shop. These were usually the big Sun type machines that would reside in the back corner of the shop, often gathering dust. I remember when I started in the business asking some of the mechanics how to use the […]

Carburetors Versus Fuel Injection

Carburetors on a Porsche Engine

For years I have seen many people taking off the factory delivered fuel injection systems and install carburetors. Most of these people believe that they are going to make more power with the carburetors. But is this really true? In this article, I look at the pros and cons of this popular swap. Introduction of […]