Automotive Parts Replacement. Why did the part fail?

Bunch of new car parts

Replacing parts is a normal event for any car owner. As parts wear out and begin to fail, they will need to be replaced. However, often parts are being replaced without understanding why. Understanding why the part failed is an important part of repairing the car. Understanding the system If a part has just worn […]

Understanding Ignition Timing and it’s effect on your engine.

Timing light in a running Porsche engine bay

The purpose of ignition timing is to ignite the air/fuel mixture at the right time to push the piston down. Understanding ignition timing and it’s effect on your engine, is a good place to start. Bang! The spark plug is fired, and the air-fuel mixture starts to burn. As it burns it expands, pushing the […]

Porsche Crankcase sealant

Sealant tubes and tub

What to use and why Crankcase sealant and which ones to use is a hotly debated topic among many Porsche forum posters. Over the years I have had many engines in front of me sealed with all kinds of different sealants. Often sealants have been recommended by “how-to” books or by “online experts” as better […]