What Ignition Coil is right for my Porsche?

Group of coils on a bench

Ignition Coils Which Ignition coil should I use? This is one of the biggest questions that we have ever had to answer from owners and mechanics alike. Ignition coils are one of the most misunderstood items in the engine compartment. The ignition coil is one of the key components in any ignition system. Though they […]

My Porsche won’t start – what do I do now?

Hood up on Porsche

You twist the key and the car cranks but wont start. So, you try it again in the hopes of a different result, but still it won’t start. Now what do I do now? For most of us, it’s off to the internet to google it, because the internet knows everything. Instantly we get 3 […]

Using aftermarket electronic ignition points

Electronic Ignition Points

Are They Really Worth it? Electronic ignition point replacements have been around for a long time. They have always been marketed as better than stock, but is this true? In this article, I will look at the advantages and disadvantages of using these systems. As well as my opinion and what I use in my […]

Leak Down Test Vs. Compression Test

Compression Tester and Leak Down Tester

Which is the best test to use? To use a leak down test or compression test, which one is going to give you the best indication of what’s going on in the engine? Both a leak down test and compression test are ways to get a picture of the condition of the combustion chamber of […]

How to Store Your Classic Car for Winter

storing your classic car

With the leaves beginning to change color, the days getting shorter and colder it is fast coming time to put away that classic car, at least for the winter anyways. Storing your classic car for the winter is a common practice for those that live in those states that endure the snow and freezing conditions […]