Why We Opted for a Scissor Lift

Scissor lift

When thinking about a new lift there are several options to consider. Available space and what you want to do with the lift are going to help narrow down your decision. If you do not own the work area that you are thinking about putting a lift into can also affect your choice. Types of […]

Ignition wires, does it really matter what wire I use?

ignition wires

Ignition wires are used on almost every gasoline powered engine. They transmit the spark energy from the distributor cap to the spark plug. On most factory applications the wires are fairly bland, usually black in color and tend to blend into the engine compartment. Some wires, like the ones used on the 1978-83 911SC and […]

Painted Fan Housings and Other Pet Peeves

engine with painted fan housing

I look at a lot of car photos. Specifically, Porsche air cooled cars because that is what I am interested in. What I look for may be very different than what you look for in the photos. Yes, there are a lot of pictures of beautiful Porsche cars, shiny paint, great decals, body modifications and […]

Mileage, Is it really the best indicator of a Cars value?

Speedometer High Mileage

For years, we the American car consumer, have been told that high mileage on a car is bad and the higher the mileage the lower the vehicles value is… but is that really the case when looking at a vintage or collector car? Effects of Mileage Mileage is an indicator of not just the engine. […]